Mallory Jones

maloryEvergreen high school, Metamora
Ohio - US

● Communicational and Organizational Skills  
● Great with numbers and counting money   
● Works well with others and Friendly  
● Quick Learner    

Wendy’s, Wauseon,   Cashier  April 9, 2017 - April 30, 2017  
● I was a cashier for the two weeks I worked here. I quit this job to  pursue the new job at Sunny’s Campground    

Sunny’s Campground,  Team Member  May 1, 2017 - current (Seasonal/Summer Job)   
● I work as a cashier, but I also work in the office. I must work with large totals of money while customers are making their future reservations. At work, I would have to explain or enforce rules to  customers  

Evergreen high school, Metamora, August 16, 2013 - May 28, 2017  

CCLA's and SADD's president (family, career, community leaders of  America and students against destructive decisions)  
 NHS's treasurer/secretary (national honor society) 

New Horizons Academy, Wauseon, 
january 8, 2016 - may 6, 2016  while involved in NHS for two years, we were requiring completing 40 hours of community service. I did multiple little projects around my school and community to fulfill the hours. My junior year,I spent a semester volunteering at Sara's garden in Wauseon. I worked in the school, new horizon's academy, where I would spend hours with the children. I would help with math, reading, or even helping children get around at recess.  


My little story

At the beginning of this experience, I was very nervous about what I was getting myself into. Greek culture was extremely foreign to me, and I hated that everyone was late… every time. When I got the mass generated email about opportunities in Athens through AIESEC, I thought it was a scam. However, after looking into it more and going to a few office hours, I knew it was real. It was something I HAD to do. For me it was a once in a lifetime experience I may never get again. I was not sure what to expect when I got accepted for this opportunity. The job description was confusing, and it had no purpose. It was a lot of rambling and vague statements. At the first meeting with AIESEC, they excepted the volunteers to know so much, but they did not even know most of the answers themselves. It was a very unorganized meeting. They have gotten better, yet, like everyone, they can still use a little work.

Athens is just like everything I have ever dreamed it to be. It has the big city atmosphere; however, it has many little escapes from the buzzing city life to enjoy as well. Of course, I have been to most of the “touristy” spots: Acropolis, Museums, and Islands. The islands are like their own little countries. Each one has their own atmosphere and culture. The Greek culture has become something of my favorite interest. I have yet to meet someone who is not friendly. The men can be a bit direct, but boys are boys! Visiting the places, I have done research on or seen in pictures is something of a fantasy for me. I have been in love with the idea of coming to Athens since I was eight years old. It is such an odd feeling of being able to touch my dreams and all the beautiful things I love. I have taken a part of this culture as my own, and I am unbelievably excited to go home to share it with all of the people I care about.

Working with DIA and Xenia has been a pure bliss. Xenia is very understanding and flexible. If I get my work done, then it does not matter how I did it. We have enjoyed a few days at the Garden together while we worked. While working here, I felt I got the full view of Athens. I knew of places to go on my weekends because of the website. Xenia was great. She always answered my questions or got the answer for me. She had the best places to recommend for me, for food, shopping, or with my pleasure time. I definitely learned how to manage my time since I was being the film director for Sagar. I had to get my work done, and also motivate him to get this work done at the same time. There was not a moment I did not enjoy working. It helped me balance my time as a tourist. Working at DIA also taught me how to be a person who lives in Athens and not just a tourist. It gave me the confidences to walk places and find my way around.

I came into this experience, not expecting much. However, I got above and beyond everything, I could wish for. I still HATE Greek time but being here as taught me so much about the culture and myself. I truly thank you for giving me this chance!


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